UK Independent Album Review 2

An Vedi

ConTempoRary Violin

The Lowdown

  • They started playing music at the tender age of 4 learning the violin and later the piano and electric guitar.
  • An Vedi then became a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter.
  • Their career took off when in 2017 when she became a soloist at the Philharmonic.
  •  She is a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy
  • They have been nominated for and won many awards including ISSA Awards Best International Female Single Of The Year. 2021 including other awards this year in 2022
  • An Vedi recently won Best Classic Music Video at the Euro Music Video Awards 2022 for their movie “The Music Of Our Victory”
  • ConTempoRary Violin is their 5th Album released on 12 August 2022


Although I have played the rare classical piece of music throughout my independent radio career, I must admit that personally this isn’t a natural genre for me. I have never been one to the need to hang with the Mozart massive, or flow with the Bach crew. Adding to this it never felt like a natural fit for radio; due to the length and the complexities and changing tempo and pitch of the music. In recent times however I have been proven very wrong with a growing commercial radio audience, increasing number of classical radio stations, and even a modern resurgence in classical instruments.


 I may not be “down with the kids” in the world of TikTok; but I have seen more and more of the younger generation pick up classical and traditional instruments such as the Harp. Bagpipes, Cello, Piano and especially Violin with some fantastic modern takes of the genre on the social media platform.


Which brings me to the very talented and well respected An Vedi who has garnered a massive international audience and following. As they have covered several genres throughout their career, I can tell you I am never too sure what to expect when I first press play.


I will say first that this is a pure collection of solo violin pieces and pretty much a masterclass in violin in audio form. To can hear the pure talent and years of dedication on display just in the first track of the album and first piece of music. This is an extremely relaxing hour of music. I must admit this music gives me visions of Sherlock Holmes in Baker Steet ponding and thinking about his latest case whilst smoking his pipe and wearing his deerstalker as he cracks the case. Making myself feel more intelligent whilst listening to very track. However if I become more intelligent listening to this on a regular basis remains to be seen, it would be interesting to find out.


In all fairness this is unfair on the album as there is so much talent and passion on display here. Even more impressive is that every track is so stripped back to just the musician and the talented violin playing with nothing else added. The simplicity is very much the secret to the whole album with nothing else added, no bells or whistles. Makes you want to explore the back-catalogue for further gems and works.


The one major thing I look for in an album is flow and atmosphere to the album in spades and you can quite easily listen to this whilst doing nothing else in a quiet room with no distractions or noise. This is to the artists credit in my humble opinion. Some of these tracks are very short bursts of pure talent only lasting around two minutes or less. But this showcases the dramatic effect the violin can have when in the hands of the correct talent and would fit well in certain forms of TV drama.  Short bursts of pure emotion and drama in every short blast within this incredible hour of music.


The album may be an acquired taste to some; however, there is some fantastic Jane Austen, Downton Abbey and possibly Agatha Christie vibes to the music on display But I can’t deny that the violin is played beautifully throughout the whole album Fantastically cut down to small digestible pieces that is perfect for modern audiences and modern sensibilities. So much care and attention has taken place with every track on the album I can’t deny how amazing the musicianship and pure talent on display with every piece.


Some of the tracks on the album like “Cranes” have become decent singles and it is incredibly smooth how they can go from high tempo to slow tempo so naturally and so smoothly the music just flows naturally from the bow and strings without a second thought. Tracks like this are a perfect introduction to newcomers to the genre, and for people like myself gratefully welcomed. It is a case of saving the best till last as surprisingly it is the last track on the new album.


As a final thought although this album in of itself is a return to their roots for the artist in question. I must conclude that during the fact they are cross-genre in nature that this is a very established artist and one to watch over the coming years. Despite how much success they have already had I can imagine this this artist will create a long-lasting legacy that will continue for years after they leave the music scene.


This artist will have much more success to come, and I look forward to seeing what direction the artist will take next.











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